Believe in Yourself

Be the Best
You Can Be

We take our commitment to your success seriously, because we know first-hand how hard it is to build and run a business that stands out.

Our Secret Weapon


We’re more than a team of marketers. We have a deep understanding of one another, what our strengths are, and what our weaknesses are. We meet quarterly to find fun and exciting ways to deepen our understanding of ourselves so we can always be the best versions possible for our clients, and each other.


We understand each of our personalities in depth to make working together enjoyable.

Clifton strengths

We understand our top 10 core strengths to ensure the right person is solving each challenge.


We understand that we could go faster alone, but believe we'll go further together.

Meyers-Briggs (MBTI)

The Advocate / INFJ

Introverted 61%
Intuitive 74%
Feeling 53%
Judging 61%
Assertive 92%

Meet Your 'Captain'

Awarded Public Servant & Combat Veteran

Josh Hohenstein

From the mountains of Afghanistan, to the city blocks of Baghdad, to rescuing 8 police officers during Hurricane Harvey from flood waters, to helping thousands rebuild in the aftermath, to co-founding a financial services and tax planning firm, to bringing Jolly Roger to life – Josh has learned a thing or two about solving problems in creative ways.

Education & Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s of Business AdministrationPurdue Global Military
  • Certified Digital Marketing ProfessionalDigital Marketing Institute
  • Professional Certified MarketerAmerican Marketing Association
  • Digital Marketing StrategyHarvard University

Top 6 Clifton Strengths

You're Not Alone

Meet Your Plundering Pals

You don’t need to wait for a message in a bottle to show up on the beach.


Our Consulting Process

Go on a journey to discovering how your Strategies, Tactics, & Creatives come to life.